Why You Need a UX Partner with Strong Research Ethics

When searching for and vetting a UX partner, don’t overlook a key component of results-oriented usability testing: research ethics. Here, we tell you what to look for.

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Why Data Ethics Are Key to User Engagement

As rules and regulations for data collection continue to shift, what does the ethical use of data look like and mean?

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Newsletter May 2022

In the May issue of LightBox, we share illuminating ideas on how to build engagement with features like multi-sensory design, data visualization, and artificial intelligence.

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Use Artificial Intelligence to Build Relationships and Strengthen the User Experience

With marketing automation and other artificial intelligence tools, you can build and nurture relationships tailored to your user’s unique needs.

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Data Visualization Illustration

Make Data Visualization Engaging and Compelling for Users

Effective data visualization involves more than clarity. Learn the secrets of visualizing data in compelling, engaging ways.

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Multi-sensory web design

Why Multi-Sensory Web Design Can Improve the User Experience

How can lessons from sensory memory lead to a better, more engaging website design? We share strategies and tips.

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How to Keep Your Company’s Data Safe

As data breaches increase, and hackers work to find vulnerabilities, how can you protect your assets and systems? Here, find tips from our executive leadership roundtable.

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Thumbnail for April 2022 Lightbox Newsletter featuring a father and son using a touchscreen laptop

Newsletter April 2022

In the April issue of LightBox, we share illuminating ideas on how DEI can inform and improve your web design and user experience.

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A flat colorful illustration of diverse silhouettes, overlapping and looking in both directions

Understand the Relationship Between DEI and Website Usability

How can DEI strengthen your website usability? Aline Lin, Astriata’s CEO and creative director, shares strategies from a recent talk.

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An illustration of an ethnically diverse group of individuals looking at a laptop and a tablet.

Don’t Let Your Own Biases Derail Your Website Design

How can you get beyond your own biases to create a website that truly works for users? Start with four essential tips.

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Illustration of 4 diverse individuals pointing to different parts of a website on a computer monitor

How DEI Can Strengthen User Experience

How can DEI principles lead to stronger, more effective user research–and a stronger, more inclusive user experience? Our latest post shares four ways.

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Lightbox - Astriata Newsletter

Newsletter March 2022

In the March issue of LightBox, we share illuminating ideas on how psychology can inform and improve your web design and user experience.

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A graphic of a brain with data points extending to the side

Five Lessons from Cognitive Science to Boost Website Usability

Most of us are overloaded with information. How can cognitive science help your website become part of the solution?

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Maslow's hierarchy of needs

How Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Inspires Our Approach to Web Design

How can Maslow’s hierarchy of needs help our work in human-centered web design? In many ways, it turns out.

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Graphic of a brain filled with artistic elements protruding from a computer screen

Don’t Overlook Psychology in Your Web Design

How can psychology make or break your web design, and what three psychological principles can help you create an effective user experience?

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Two employees looking at a site on tablet device

Newsletter February 2022

Don’t miss our debut monthly newsletter, LightBox, full of illuminating tips on optimizing your website, boosting your SEO, managing remote or hybrid teams – and more.

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Employee retention

Employee Retention: Why Your Website Matters

Too often, employees get overlooked as users of your website. How can you optimize your website to engage and retain top talent on your team?

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Attract top talent

Optimize Your Website to Attract Top Talent

Today’s pandemic-fueled hiring market makes it tough for organizations to attract the employees they need. How can your website help?

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Attract new partners

3 Ways Professional Organizations Can Use Their Website to Attract New Partners and Sponsors

Your website is one of your most powerful marketing tools. Associations can leverage their website by following these tips.

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Geothermal Energy Thumbnail

Astriata Wins a Prestigious w3 Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts

Astriata's animation helps Geothermal Technologies tell their story of an innovative approach to limitless clean renewable energy.

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6 tips for managing remote or hybrid teams

6 Tips for Managing Remote or Hybrid Teams

Want to improve how you manage your remote or hybrid team? Consider these 6 tips from our executive leadership roundtable.

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4 Ways to tell if your UX is hurting your recruitment

Professional Organizations: How to Tell If a Poor Website Experience Is Hurting Your Recruitment Efforts

With the current mass resignation, here are four ways to tell if your website is contributing to your professional organization’s recruitment woes.

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5 benefits of a headless CMS

5 Benefits of a Headless CMS

Do you have multiple platforms to integrate, need scalability, and security? Learn more about why a headless CMS could be the right direction for you.

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6 Tips for recruiting Gen Z

Alliances: Here are 6 Tips for Driving Gen-Z Recruitment

Attracting new and younger members is the lifeline of your organization. Find out what makes a difference in engaging Gen Z.

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3 ways to promote member engagement

3 Ways Professional Organizations Can Drive Member Engagement Through a Better User Experience

Online member engagement is a critical factor for the success of any professional organization. Find ways to connect with your members.

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Person at the computer thinking about website usability testing

4 Ways to Test Your Site’s User Experience

Ready to improve your UX? These four simple usability tests can give you actionable steps to polish your user experience.

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Public Policy Partners Logo

Public Policy Partners Reveals New Brand Identity

Learn how symbolism in a logo communicates a lot about our client!

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Expert Engagement: Top Questions for Robyn Elliott of Public Policy Partners

Top Questions for Robyn Elliott of Public Policy Partners

Public Policy Partners is rolling out a new brand and logo. This quick interview offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the rebrand is helping the organization communicate its mission.

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Progressive JPG

How Progressive Images Can Improve Your UX

Core Web Vitals, which is Google’s way to quantify your user experience, includes how fast your website loads. Progressive JPEGs are one way to optimize the size of your image file and can improve your UX and help your Web Vitals score.

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How iPaaS Helps Integrate Systems

Integrating with third-party systems can amp up the power and reach of your website. But if those integrations aren’t reliable or smooth, your EX and UX can suffer.

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Headless CMS

What is a Headless CMS?

Headless CMS talk has been around for a while, and it’s not going anywhere. Take a look at what the Astriata team thinks about the pros and cons of this technology trend.

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Sitefinity DX 14.0 - is it worth the hype?

Sitefinity DX 14…Is It Worth the Hype?

Have you heard the buzz about Sitefinity DX 14? See what our team is saying about this new release and how it might help your business.

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ArcherPoint Reveals New Look

How do you communicate a new brand and message? Take a look to see how usability testing helped this company launch a rebrand.

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The Communicator Awards

2021 Communicator Awards

Astriata wins big at the annual Communicator Awards!

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Astriata ranked as a top 30 digital agency

Astriata Ranked as a Top 30 Digital Agency

Astriata has been recognized as a top digital agency in Maryland.

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Expert Engagement: Top Questions We Get About Animations and Illustrations

Top Questions We Get About Animations and Illustrations

More and more, clients are asking if we can incorporate meaningful illustrations and animations into their websites. Are you wondering the same thing? Read this quick interview with our expert and see if it helps you decide.

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Usability Heuristics

Count to Ten for a Great UX

Follow these 10 principles for user interface design to create a foundation for a good user experience.

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Web Vitals 101

Core Web Vitals 101

LCP and CLS and EAT and YMYL….what?!?! Your user experience is about to get a lot more important to your bottom line. Our SEO expert, Marcus Sandford, breaks it all down and explains exactly what you need to know and what you need to do to maximize your UX.

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Digital Health Award Winner 2021

2021 Digital Health Awards

Astriata’s video about mosquito-borne diseases wins prestigious Digital Health Award.

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Who's looking at your UX? Google is.

Who’s looking at your UX? Google is.

Google is rolling out some changes that mean your UX matters more than ever.

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Writing a Winning RFP

How to Write a Winning RFP

Did you know there’s a trick to getting your Request For Proposals right? In this blog post, we draw on years of experience to give you best-practices tips for writing the most effective RFP.

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Top Five Tips for Associations in a Post-COVID World

Top Five Tips for Associations in a Post-COVID World

Jodi McGill, Senior Project Manager at Astriata, shares some insights she's learned from association clients as they adapt to a new future.

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The Communicator Awards

2021 Communicator Awards

Astriata brings home its 21st Communicator Award just in time for its 20th year in business!

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