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Top Questions We Get About Animations and Illustrations

Expert Engagement: Top Questions We Get About Animations and Illustrations
By Julie Kennon   |   July 13, 2021

More and more, clients are asking if we can incorporate meaningful illustrations and animations into their websites. Are you wondering the same thing? Read this quick interview with our expert and see if it helps you decide.

Mike Linkinhoker is Astriata’s board-certified medical illustrator/animator, but his skills have a wide application and are appreciated by our clients both inside and outside the healthcare industry. Trained at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Mike currently has an Adjunct Associate Professor appointment in the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He excels at providing accurate and accessible illustrations and animations for many of Astriata’s clients. These illustrations and animations enhance the user experience, improve the understanding of the content, and increase engagement online. We asked Mike some common questions that clients have asked us when considering whether or not to include this type of illustration or animation. And if you want to take a look at some of our work, take a peek at Astriata’s YouTube channel and Link Studio’s YouTube channel.

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“What role have your illustrations and animations played in the online experience?”

Illustrations or instructional illustrations and animations (including information graphics) help explain information and get the audience to a clear understanding faster than words alone. It’s always about effective communication first…what are we trying to communicate, and to whom? Can it be done in a single or multi-part image, or does movement inherently help explain a concept? Once we decide the direction, we focus on doing it in a clear and aesthetically attractive manner. The goal of any design, and all the work we do, is to ultimately add significant value to a project.

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“Are animations a better option than an illustration?”

Sometimes! Questions to ask: Is the concept an inherently dynamic process, in which movement is necessary? Or will an animation just have a better chance of grabbing the attention of the audience? Is it a story that can’t be shown in a still and would be well communicated in an animated video? There are many ways to solve a communication issue with images and/or animations. Videos offer an opportunity to engage people easily, particularly on social media platforms where the same amount of information in text form would be skipped or missed. The key takeaway is to make your content count.

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“How does being a board-certified medical illustrator/animator bring value to your clients?”

Certification gives my clients a greater degree of confidence that they are collaborating with a seasoned professional. They know I continue to educate myself on current trends and knowledge related to medical science, art, and technology. Clients trust that I am going to get their job done accurately, on time, and within budget. I always deliver a product that is well thought out, designed and produced well, and one that communicates with their audience effectively. My team brings a rigorous mindset to all projects, whether they are specifically medical or not.

“What has been one of your more successful projects?”

An animated video I developed for the National Library of Medicine and MedlinePlus comes to mind. I contributed to an online exhibit called Making a World of Difference with this video: The Power of Memory, Fighting Disease with Vaccines & Immunization. While we started to develop this animation before the COVID-19 pandemic, it lent greater urgency and immediate relevance to the content that we were communicating. Our aim was to give an accurate, fact-based overview of what vaccines are and how vaccines lead to immunization and protection from certain diseases. It has become more important than ever to communicate information to the general public about how vaccines are developed and why they are safe and effective. Additionally, it was created to make its message as accessible as possible, meaning the language is understandable, the visuals are clear, and it is section 508 compliant (this is U.S. government’s standard for creating accessible materials). We think the video hit this mark and truly hope it will continue to connect with, and educate, the public.

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