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A Cheat Sheet of 20 Usability Terms

Refresh your usability knowledge with our cheat sheet of 20 key UX terms, broken down and explained in clear language.

4 steps for calculating your investment in UX

4 Steps to Calculating the Return on Your UX Investment

Use these four steps to calculate the ROI of your UX/UI project—and get stakeholders on board, as you take your marketing to new levels.


Understand the Psychology and Ethics of FoMO Marketing

FoMO marketing works, but is it ethical? Here, find tips for using it in ways that maintain and even enhance your organization’s integrity.

the trifecta


Sometimes it helps to get back to the basics. Start by taking a step back to do an internal check on your design. How usable is it? Does it address the 10 heuristic principles of user interface design? By incorporating usability testing throughout the lifecycle of your project, you can make sure your design functions effectively.


Adding image carousels to your homepage isn’t the best way to highlight information on your website. Research shows, in fact, that people tend to ignore those due to a phenomenon called “banner blindness.” Likewise, most visitors don’t wait to see all the information, and the click rate drops off significantly for subsequent slides.


Just as everyone has a right to a quality education, everyone has a right to be able to access information online. How accessible is your site to diverse users? Put it to the test with an accessibility audit. But as we do at Astriata, make sure your audit takes a hybrid approach. After all, automated tools can’t test for color contrast and tabbing order.

mental memo from Aline

Hopefully, for those of us with school-aged children, we’ve all settled into the fall school routine by now. In the spirit of the start of school, we’re giving you a refresher on some usability basics, including a vocab list of commonly used usability related terms, a review on calculating ROI (link), and a deeper dive into topics such as FoMO, where interdisciplinary areas come together to help you engage users and bolster your business. (Keep an eye out for more topics along this theme throughout October!)

Also, make sure you check out the insights that emerged from our recent Marketing Roundtable.

Meanwhile, enjoy, stay well — and when it comes to usability, design, and technology, stay intentional.

Aline, Astriata CEO & Creative Director

cerebral matters

Curated resources that bring light to intriguing topics.

Hero Images/Carousels
If you are looking to get into the weeds behind our design tip of the month about image carousels and “banner blindness,” you’ll find this article from Yale University helpful.

You 2.0: How to Open Your Mind
Our approach to UX is to discover what we don’t know and not to rely on assumptions. In this same vein, one of my favorite podcasts, Hidden Brain, explores how to open your mind and challenge your beliefs.

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What Your Don’t Know
Being curious is part of our culture at Astriata. It’s also the seed to creative solutions. In this New York Times bestseller, Adam Grant shares research and stories that will make you rethink how you make decisions.

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