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Ethics in Marketing Graphic

Artificial Intelligence, Personalization, and Ethics: What You Need to Know

Artificial intelligence and data gathering capabilities make personalization in marketing possible. But what are the ethical implications?

Data Ethic Graphic

Why Data Ethics Are Key to User Engagement

As rules and regulations for data collection continue to shift, what does the ethical use of data look like and mean?

Research Ethics Graphic

Why You Need a UX Partner with Strong Research Ethics

When searching for and vetting a UX partner, don’t overlook a key component of results-oriented usability testing: research ethics. Here, we tell you what to look for.

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Have you ever found yourself getting mad at a chat bot? Chat bots are meant to be helpful, but if they fail to deliver relevant answers or the script is unnatural, then the experience can turn off your audience. Perhaps a better experience could be provided by using the bot for simple and predictable questions and employing a live attendant for more nuanced conversations. Your user research should inform you of your audience’s expectations.


Machine learning, combined with the enormous amount of data out there, can play an important role in delivering the right content in a useful manner. Think about how design can help convey the value of what the technology is doing behind the scenes. In many ways, visual cues that indicate activity can actually make a difference in the perceived value of your product or service.


Do plugins exist for WordPress that leverage artificial intelligence (AI)? Yes! Plugins that execute simple tasks use what is called artificial narrow intelligence (ANI). For example, a plugin like Akismet follows a set of rules to help detect spam comments on your blog. Although today’s AI cannot quite include emotional and creative thinking in decision-making, it can perform helpful tasks. Here are some WordPress plugins you may find useful.

mental memo from Aline

For every benefit gained from an advancement in technology, there is often an unintended negative consequence. What role do ethics play in your decision making for your organization? Did you know, for instance, that as many as 79% of adults in the United States are concerned with how private companies use their data? Are you transparent about how you use the data you collect from your users? This past month, we discussed the ethical use of artificial intelligence, data, and usability testing, sharing tips on what to consider as you make complex decisions. We’d love to hear what’s on your mind when it comes to technology and ethics.

Meanwhile, enjoy, stay well — and when it comes to usability, design, and technology, stay intentional.

Aline, Astriata CEO & Creative Director

project focus

This month, our team at Astriata worked to create a stronger user experience for the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP), an organization that ensures the protection of human research participants through a rigorous accreditation process for organizations. In short, they wanted a user experience that better reflects their organization and empowers their audience to find valuable resources through intuitive navigation. Visit AAHRPP online to see what we created.

cerebral matters

Curated resources that bring light to intriguing topics.

“User Research Ethics, Part I: What Is It?”
Brenda Hoyle, UX Planet (article)
Review the fundamentals of ethical user research and design, and read case studies of dilemmas in the field.

Conversations with Things: UX Design for Chat and Voice
Daniel Deibel and Rebecca Evanhoe (book)
Learn to design ethical, useful, human-centered conversations with chatbots, voice assistants, and other forms of AI.

“What Tech Companies Know About Your Kids”
Veronica Barassi (TEDTalk)
Listen to an enlightening TED Talk about the ethical concerns of data collection that families need to know and consider.

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“Astriata UX Maturity Assessment Tool”

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