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Social Proof: How to Use It to Engage Users

As humans, we’re wired to sometimes conform and follow in the footsteps of others. How can you use that to your advantage across your organization’s digital assets?

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Why Choice Overload Can Hurt Marketing and Usability

Too much choice can turn users away. Ironically, too little choice can do the same. Here, we break down the paradox of choice and tell you how it affects your marketing and UX efforts.

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How Usability and Marketing Intertwine

Some marketers think of usability as a separate field. But what makes usability a core part of marketing and marketing a core part of usability?

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One of the ten usability heuristics is user control and freedom. Giving your users a choice in how they explore content in a non-linear manner is one of the areas our team focused on recently with our National Library of Medicine project. Read more about how this principle was implemented.


Pantone colors will no longer be available for free in all of your favorite Adobe products. If you need to restore any lost Pantone colors, you can rename the swatch and define it as a process spot color. Find out more about the change and how to prepare for it in this article from The Verge.


Change is in the air. What you knew as Data Studio is now named Looker Studio. Likewise, Google Universal Analytics is going away, and Google Analytics 4 is taking its place. Are you ready? Get started by reading our article, “Onward and Upward Making the Transition From Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4.”

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons because the smell of the crisp air awakens so many senses for me. The glowing orange hues, radiant reds, intense yellows, and ephemeral greens are a feast for the eyes. I can already hear the crunching of the leaves beneath my feet, and I’m eagerly anticipating the taste of pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving dinner. Stimulating one sense opens a cascade of associations and memories in one’s mind. This month we explore the psychology of marketing and how it taps into our behavior and its role in website usability. I hope you find it as enticing as I did!

Meanwhile, enjoy, stay well — and when it comes to usability, design, and technology, stay intentional.

Aline, Astriata CEO & Creative Director

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Our recent redesign and refresh of a legacy virtual exhibit, “Dream Anatomy,” for the National Library of Medicine encourages viewers to explore the historical collection of anatomical imagery and follow their own instincts and interests through a navigation that allows for a non-linear experience. Visit the website.

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Bringing Together the Best of Both Sides of BI with Looker and Data Studio
Curious about the difference between Looker Studio and Data Studio? Hear about it directly from Google.

What to Expect from Twitter
Do you use Twitter, or is it in your future? This article from Fast Company reveals what to expect with Elon Musk at the helm.

Accessible Operations: Why and How to Implement Accessibility within Your Operations
There’s a month for everything but that doesn’t mean the issues that are brought to light that month end. October was National Disability Awareness Month, but accessibility is here to stay.

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