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How iPaaS Helps Integrate Systems

By Alex Oprica   |   October 7, 2021

User experience (UX) is not only about the visitors to your website…it also includes your staff and employees, or the employee experience (EX). Today, Astriata’s Director of Development, Alex Oprica, takes a closer look at one tool you can use to smooth out some internal UX wrinkles.

A Tool for Getting Connected: iPaaS

iPaaS, or Integration-Platform-as-a-Service, is a self-service, cloud-based solution that standardizes how applications are integrated. Anyone (even non-technical users) can use iPaaS out of the box to quickly build the integration flows for sharing data within an organization, or with multiple companies.

This solution is particularly good for small businesses, because the interfaces require less coding, present integrations visually, and include prebuilt connectors. And, because iPaaS is a cloud-based solution, a business or association can rely on it to supply the infrastructure.

What are the benefits of iPaaS?

Words to the Wise: Best Practices

So now that you know what it is and why it can help, it’s important to do a little homework before you jump in. Having a sound data integration plan before you begin syncing your data between multiple apps can make a big difference in the outcome. For your plan to be successful, you need to:

So where’s a good place to start?

One of the most straightforward iPaaS integrations is connecting your email marketing software and your CRM. The marketing department will enrich their email lists with data from the CRM, which means they will have more opportunities for segmentation and personalization. And if it’s a two-way sync, your sales department will get qualified leads back to the CRM, which leaves them with solid leads and all the current data in one place.

Ready to see how an iPaaS solution can help your systems connect and smooth out your EX to improve your UX? Give us a call and we can give you some ideas of how this might benefit your internal processes and website.

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