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Maslow's Pyramid

How Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Inspires Our Approach to Web Design

How can Maslow’s hierarchy of needs help our work in human-centered web design? In many ways, it turns out.

Illustration of a person jumping from old UA logo to new GA4 logo

Onward and Upward: Making the Transition From Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

With Google sunsetting its Universal Analytics, users must soon start migrating to its new version, GA4. Learn about GA4, why and how to upgrade, and more in this guide.

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An Assessment on Your Path to UX Maturity: Where Do You Stand?

How do you stack up on the path to UX maturity? Is your UX plan altogether absent or coming along nicely? Take our quick assessment to discover your UX maturity score.

the trifecta


Who doesn’t like a helpful list? Here’s one that helps you refresh your usability knowledge with 20 key UX terms, broken down and explained in clear language.


As a visual person, one of my favorite posts is “Psychology, Design, and Usability: An Animation Series.” Seeing each theory explained through a simple animation makes it easier to understand and remember.


I also love learning from others, including the many lessons I learned from one of our guest roundtable speakers, Linda Folsom Jackson, CEO of InfoAge, on “How to Keep Your Company’s Data Safe.”

mental memo from Aline

So much of the technology around us is made with the intention of making things easier for us, of allowing us to do even more work—at a faster rate. Ironically, technology, in many cases, hasn’t given us more time. It has just made life busier. This month, we took a pause in this busy digital world. We took time to reflect on our own processes by asking what’s working and what could use fine-tuning. We learned a great deal about different communication styles and in doing what we often encourage you, our clients, to do: stay intentional with usability, design, and technology.

This month, we’re sharing our top, most-read blog posts from the last year, full of information and tips on—you guessed it—usability, design, and technology. If you haven’t already read them, we encourage you to do so. And, I’ll say it once more, stay intentional.

Aline, Astriata CEO & Creative Director

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Happiness 2.0
If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Hidden Brain is one of my favorite podcasts. I highly recommend this series about happiness.

Happiness 2.0: The Path to Contentment
Happiness 2.0: The Only Way Out is Through
Happiness 2.0: Cultivating Your Purpose
Happiness 2.0: Surprising Sources of Joy
Happiness 2.0: The Reset Button

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