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What is a Headless CMS, and Could it be Right for You?

Headless CMS
By Julie Kennon   |   September 30, 2021

What is a headless CMS?

Any conversation these days that talks about key trends in technology will mention the growing interest in, and use of, a concept called headless CMS. Whether or not it’s for you, headless CMS is here to stay, and understanding what it is is critical to having a broad view of the content management landscape.

So what is a headless CMS? A typical, full-featured CMS offers two types of technology:

  • The front end, or the presentation of content, and
  • The back end, or the storage and management of the content (this includes things like information architecture, taxonomy, etc.).

This allows users to create content quickly and deliver it via a web browser. In headless CMS, the front end (or “head”) is removed from the CMS’s purview, and the CMS only manages the back end of the content. If we were to think of this in lay terms, it’s like a store (front end) that is supported by a warehouse (back end). The warehouse manages the inventory and keeps the store running, but the store can be organized or repainted at any time without affecting the warehouse.

What are the benefits of separating the front end and back end?

This developer-centric solution isn’t right for everyone. It can be expensive and it is, well, developer-centric, which is the opposite of what some clients want. recommends asking four questions when considering your architecture:

Ask Yourself…

If you are trying to decide what architecture is right for your organization, give us a call. Our developers are well-versed in all the options and we’d love to talk to you!

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