Astriata logo mark in orange


Public Policy Partners Reveals New Brand Identity

A fresh look at the letter “P”

Baltimore, MD (November 3, 2021)—Astriata and Public Policy Partners (PPP) today launched the redesigned logo for PPP, a full-scale public policy and lobbying firm in Maryland that leads and manages public policy campaigns.

PPP provides innovative solutions for organizations seeking meaningful change in the public policy landscape. For 15 years, PPP has developed and implemented tailored government-affairs strategies for clients across the country. With an experienced team of policy experts and the ability to achieve results, Public Policy Partners is an award-winning firm with national recognition.

The organization wanted to convey their unique industry position in a more contemporary logo. They are heavily focused on policy, which sets them apart from firms that also focus on government affairs or PR. They knew they liked the statement made with the color red in the existing logo, but wanted to further evolve their mark and find a way to encapsulate their innovation, service, integrity, and ability to help their clients make a positive change.

Astriata’s solution began by changing the relationship between the three P’s that were lined up linearly in the original logo mark. Placing the three letters in a format where they shared a common center created a forward motion and conveyed a creative playfulness with more energy. The red is enhanced by shades of orange to reinforce a feel of movement and change. The meeting point of the Ps represent the strong bond and collaborative relationship that PPP develops with their clients. The mark is also reminiscent of keys and forms a triangle, which is one of the strongest and most stable shapes. In addition to this symbolism, the font and secondary rich browns and grays add back a formal presence that balances the brighter colors. The result is a dynamic mark that represents the spirit of PPP.

Robyn Elliott, partner at PPP, is pleased with how the symbolism communicates so many messages. “While we knew we wanted a more contemporary logo, we didn’t have any idea what that would look like. Aline and her team managed to convey the essence of PPP with colors and shapes and really brought our logo in line with what the organization represents.”

“We loved working with Robyn and her team. They were open to new ideas and making a bold statement with their new logo,” commented Aline Lin, Presidents and Creative Director at Astriata. “Once we settled on the logo, we carried the brand through to a complete identity system, including all print media. The result was an overarching rebrand that allows PPP to communicate a lot about the organization before they even speak to a client.”


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