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DailyMed is the only online resource that offers comprehensive information on marketed drugs in the United States. The website gives health information providers and the public with a standard, comprehensive, up-to-date, look-up and download resource of medication content and labeling as found in medication package inserts. Drug labeling information is the most recent submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The site receives approximately 13.5 million requests per month and 400,000 users per month. To better support their users, Astriata worked with National Library of Medicine's IT team to improve the user interface to allow users to easily find information and to enhance their overall experience.

The Challenge

The challenge was to examine existing usability issues with the current site and to develop new site architecture, wireframes, and interface to improve the user experience without changing the functionality of the site. The new site would need to be responsive to address the needs of current users. All site organization and interface changes would be vetted through iterative usability testing designed and executed by Astriata. Iterative usability testing provided data that was analyzed to provide recommendations that would result in the most effective method of content delivery for the intended audiences.

Old UX - DailyMed

Before the redesign, it was difficult for the user to discern which search result matched the medication they were looking for. Insights from usability testing revealed that displaying the packaging and the medication itself with the search results improved the users’ ability to confirm a match. The ability to view the images up close enhanced the functionality of the results.

The Results

The iterative testing resulted in better naming conventions and organization of the content, as well as the addition of helpful features (such as thumbnails of the drug packaging) to help the audience confirm search results. The success of the redesign was best supported by the final testing results of the prototype usability testing where we confirmed that completion rates, time on task, and errors were all significantly improved. The audience also chose more positive words to describe the new site. The improved user experience resulted in higher customer satisfaction.

UX - DailyMed
Task Completion Rate - Before (50%)
Task Completion Rate - After (100%)
Time to Complete Task - Before (148 seconds)
Time to Complete Task - After (9 seconds)


No. of Errors Reduced to 0


Usability Rating Points Increase AFTER


No. of Negative Word Associations AFTER


No. of Positive Word Associations Gained AFTER

Web Health Awards: Award of Merit for Health Professionals Website – DailyMed

The Communicator Awards: Award of Distinction for Government Websites – DailyMed

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