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How do you transform a PDF resource into an engaging online resource?

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The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) had developed a PDF package detailing its new Q4T (Quality for Teens) project, a high-profile initiative supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This substantial, comprehensive, research-driven package provides goals, strategies, implementation tips, and resources to guide primary care teams. But there was a problem: All this essential information was contained in 80 pages of dense content. So, how do we get people to appreciate, access and interact with this information?

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The Solution

Easy to navigate content and animation

Astriata knows that the best way to understand how to engage with the user is to apply various methods of usability testing with the target audience. By conducting a poll and focus group, as well as considering feedback from the client, it became clear that the audience expectations and usage of the online package was more involved than simply transferring the content from the PDF to a web page. The online version of the package would be best served through a reorganization of information into a variety of features and functions for optimal engagement.

Instead of being greeted by a text heavy introduction, users learn about the package through an animation and are guided to key areas of the website. To account for various ways users navigate, the interface also includes the option to jump straight to a specific topic or to digest the information in a more linear fashion. Based on user feedback, the content was edited into concise, digestible chunks of information that could be downloaded and shared with colleagues. The result is a more engaging resource that brings the package and its content to life online.


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