Merchant Advisory Group

How does an association effectively convey the value of membership?

Merchant Advisory Group

The Merchant Advisory Group (MAG) serves an enormous audience—it represents 165 of the largest U.S. merchants accounting for nearly $5 trillion in annual sales. The mission of its 14 million associates is to drive positive change in the payment industry, using collaboration to benefit customers and merchants. While there were thousands of users accessing the website daily, it had been built in stages over many years, and the valuable information was hard to find. The MAG team admitted that even most employees gave up when trying to navigate the website!

Merchant Advisory Group website redesign

The Solution

Make it easy to find and access great resources

Starting with an in-depth discovery phase, Astriata gained insights about the user experience through usability testing with our proprietary application, UserHappy. These insights helped us understand what information users wanted and valued, and the most intuitive way for them to find it. The design not only supports the usability of the site; it also communicates MAG’s message and value proposition clearly. Astriata developed the website with the Sitefinity content management system and successfully integrated with third-party systems to deliver information to the user when it was needed. By balancing human insights, design, and technology, Astriata was able to create a great user experience that builds brand loyalty and keeps MAG’s members engaged.

Hear what MAG had to say about their experience in the article: “Behind the Scenes: The Evolution of MAG’s Award-Winning Website.


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2021 Communicator Award of Distinction for an Association Website

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