Maryland Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan

How do you support collaboration among stakeholders to tackle a health issue as complex as cancer?

Maryland Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan

Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in Maryland and the United States. At some point, it touches nearly everyone in some way, but no one organization can address the far-reaching and complex objectives and strategies involved in easing the burden of this disease. To offer education, recommendations, and strategies to address cancer for both cancer control professionals and residents, the State of Maryland issues a Cancer Plan every four years.

The Solution

Communicating collaboration and hope through design

Focusing on the collaborative approaches and solutions outlined in the guide, Astriata’s design approach weaves graphic elements reminiscent of a ribbon flowing throughout the pages to provide consistency, show fluidity, and represent the hope that sustains all who are dedicated to reducing cancer, improving treatment, and enhancing survivorship. Vibrant photos were carefully chosen to represent the diverse population of cancer survivors throughout Maryland. Every design element served the purpose of communicating the content clearly with bold section pages, clear hierarchy of headings, and a consistent approach to representing data. The plan was optimized for delivery online and accessibility for all by meeting Section 508 compliance and WCAG guidelines, Level AA. As a Maryland company, Astriata is proud to collaborate with the Maryland Department of Health on this award-winning annual report.



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Primarily health professionals
Maryland residents
Healthcare providers

2021 Communicator Award of Excellence for Annual Report, General, Government for Corporate Communications

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