How do you create a modern and fresh logo without disregarding the organization’s foundational past?

Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC)

HSCRC holds a unique position as the only state agency in the nation that sets hospital rates for self-pay, commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid patients. Historically known as a data-driven agency, HSCRC has evolved into a national leader driving the transformation of the health delivery system and population health improvement. It was time for the brand to reflect this evolution and accurately convey the agency’s focus. As with any branding project, the challenge was to visually capture the essence of the organization in a succinct yet memorable and meaningful way.

HSCRC logo before and after

The Solution

Create a visual balance that tells the story

Astriata helped HSCRC move away from a traditional visual that resembled an engraved seal and to a modern logo that positioned the agency as a transformative, forward-thinking, strategic innovator. A new twist on the traditional symbol of medicine, the caduceus, was designed to represent HSCRC’s objective of achieving the “Triple Aim:" enhancing patient care, improving health, and reducing the growth of health care spending. The helping hands depicting patient care and improving health replaced the wings, while the snakes that wrap around the staff create the dollar sign and signify the role the organization plays in managing health care costs. The shapes are simple and the contemporary design is reflected in the sans serif font. The color blue retains a sense of formality, seriousness, and symbolizes trust and leadership. Abstract dots representing data are woven through every piece of HSCRC communication, from letterhead, business cards, report templates, slide templates, and a website banner to the brand style guide. Through our collaborative effort with HSCRC, Astriata was able to create an award-winning identity system that speaks to the organization's wide range of local and national audiences.



Print design
Digital design




Hospital staff and officers
Healthcare providers
Other Maryland agencies
Patients and consumers
State and federal legislators
Insurance companies

2021 Communicator Award of Excellence for Corporate Identity, Logo, Government for Corporate Communications

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