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Two Minutes with Your Dentist Can Save Your Life

In collaboration with the Maryland Department of Health, Astriata developed, produced, and implemented a comprehensive social marketing/communications plan titled “Two Minutes with Your Dentist Can Save Your Life.” The campaign supports participation in the hypertension screening program by educating Marylanders about the vital role dentists can play in identifying undiagnosed hypertension, and reminds dentists of their duty to each patient’s overall health. The focus of the campaign messaging encourages patients and dental professionals to begin a conversation about the benefits of hypertension screening in the dental setting.

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The Solution

Social marketing materials, such as posters, postcards, prescription pads, traveling banners, and animations were created in the 2018 effort. The aim of the materials was to increase program awareness, ensure buy-in among dental staff, and educate patients about the importance of hypertension screening in the dental setting. To disseminate the message to the target audience, both traditional and digital marketing strategies were implemented such as television, movie theater and gas station advertising, press releases, media relations, local library banner exhibitions, digital display ads, geo-targeting, and social media.

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Print Collateral
2 minutes full size posters
Community and Public Outreach
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Digital Strategy including Geo-targeting

Davey Awards: Silver Award for Integrated Campaign Not-for-Profit –  Two Minutes with Your Dentist Can Save Your Life


Within two months, nearly four million impressions were made and one life was saved.

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