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Validate Your UX: How to Get the Most Out of Your Website Budget

Usability webinar
May 5, 2020
11:30 AM EST
30 minutes

Why should you attend?

Even before this unprecedented global pandemic, people interested in your organization began in one place: your website. Now, however, other avenues of communicating are gone, as conferences have been cancelled and networking events have come to a halt. We are all relying on online interactions for new business opportunities, communication, and information. We promise you that the user experience on your website is even more important than it ever has been. What if people can’t find information easily on your site, or are confused about what your organization does? Their experience will influence their perception of your organization and which actions they will take next.

As budgets are strained by our current environment, investing in usability testing to ensure a positive experience and to create opportunities to engage your audience is even more critical. The most successful companies redesign their website every 2.66 years. This can amount to spending anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars every three years. How can you ensure that such an investment is going to yield effective results? Allocating a small percentage of your budget to have a data-driven strategy for your website will increase your return on investment, your audience engagement, and loyalty.

This webinar will help you better understand what usability testing is and how it is different from and more informative than simple web analytics. Learn about what insights and data are provided by usability testing and what benefits you can gain from collecting and using this information. Going through a website redesign or developing an application without the right data and audience insight is like driving without a map. Without a map, you may be taking the less efficient and costlier route or you may never reach your destination. Getting your audience the information they want or need means giving them the fastest and least encumbered path.

Specifically, this webinar will help you:



Aline Lin, the CEO and Creative Director of Astriata and founder of UserHappy, has directed, designed, and coordinated website projects for more than 20 years. With her background in psychology, visual communication, design, and usability, she offers a multi-faceted approach to projects, applying best practices from scientific, behavioral, and design perspectives.

Aline’s work has received numerous awards, and has been recognized by institutions, including Communication Arts and Fast Company. Aline also enjoys sharing her experience and expertise. As a guest lecturer for the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, she has covered topics on usability, UX/UI design, and website design pricing issues for digital media, and has participated as a thesis consultant. Aline has also served as an Information Technology Practitioner faculty member at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and a Technology Advisor for the school’s Graduate Capstone Project. Courses she has taught include “Graphic Design for the Web” and “Web Usability.”

Astriata is a creative agency focused on creating better online customer and user experiences through website design, usability testing data, insights, CMS implementation, and branding. UserHappy provides human insights and objective data through usability testing through its online application. We believe that access to information leads to knowledge and empowerment. Knowing the “why” behind users’ behaviors enables you to guide the user experience and deliver exactly what they want to see. Together, Astriata and UserHappy offer online strategies that are validated and deliver results.