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Wonder Women - Do You Know Any? We Do!

International Women's Day
By Aline Lin   |   March 5, 2020

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we want to salute women everywhere. We’re saluting the women running the world and the women running their households…everywhere, we are answering the call and shattering our own personal glass ceilings.

Today, we want to say thanks to some women who make our jobs interesting, fulfilling, and a lot of fun. I am consistently inspired by our clients and partners, especially the woman-owned or woman-led organizations and businesses. If you want to support a woman-owned or a woman-led organization, check out this list that’s dear to our (woman-owned) Astriata hearts:

Artifact Health

Artifact HealthMarisa MacClary, the CEO and Co-Founder of Artifact Health, has been leading the way in physician query management to help physicians meet their administrative demands efficiently so that they can provide high-quality care to their patients. With more than 20 years of experience as a healthcare IT entrepreneur, consultant, and business development leader, Marisa is an inspiration to our entrepreneurial spirit at Astriata!

Berger HR Solutions

Berger HR SolutionsIf you need a good listener and a level head, you need Kristyn Berger of Berger HR Solutions. Kristyn is the quintessential professional when it comes to offering the right solution for your human resource needs. Before venturing out on her own, Kristyn served as the Vice President, Senior Human Resources Business Partner for the Greater Washington Retail Market of M&T Bank. We look to Kristyn as a role model in how to create a happy workplace environment.

Public Policy Partners

Public Policy PartnersIf you’re looking for an advocate, Robyn Elliot of Public Policy Partners is who you’ll want to enlist. With over 15 years’ experience in legislation, the state budget process, and health care finance, Robyn helps clients navigate the legislative process to create sound public policy, making a difference in all our lives. So the next time you’re enjoying a health benefit, it’s likely Robyn had a hand in making it possible. We’ll be happy if we can follow Robyn’s lead in making a difference in people’s lives.

InfoAge Solutions

InfoAge SolutionsLinda Folsom Jackson gets it right for her clients. Whether it’s cyber security or implementing a NetSuite solution, Linda’s got you covered. She has built a solid business over the past 19 years as a business solution provider. I have yet to meet a more organized person who really knows her processes! I look to her as the standard to emulate.



Emerging Technology Centers

Emerging Technology CentersThose of us in the Baltimore area know Deb Tillett, the President and Executive Director of ETC (Emerging Technology Centers). Deb shares her wisdom and insights with entrepreneurs. We’ve been lucky to be on the receiving end of her advice, and her commitment to giving back to the community is an inspiration to all of us.



There are so many more women to add to this list from both our professional and personal lives. We’re also proud to have strong and exceptional women on our team at Astriata, and I’m thankful for them on a daily basis.

(We love all our clients, but to be fair, March 8 isn’t International Love-All-Your-Clients Day. When that holiday is invented, we’ll be sure to give shout-outs to everyone.)

Ready to support a woman-owned business? Let's start a conversation.