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Improved UX Leads to Big Gains for Pevco

Benefits-Driven Website Resonates with Audience

Baltimore, MD (October 20, 2020)—Astriata today announced the launch of a redesigned website for Pevco, a Maryland company that has provided high-quality pneumatic tube delivery systems to hospitals across the globe for more than 40 years. These pneumatic tube systems – comprised of routing equipment, tubing, and software – seamlessly deliver specimens, drugs, and blood products throughout hospitals. The systems streamline hospital workflows, increase reliability, save money, and help clinicians provide the best patient experience possible.

Pevco was seeking an online presence that connected their pneumatic tube system to the human benefits, such as reduced errors and faster patient care. They required intuitive and easy-to-follow navigation across a content-heavy site, as well as graphic representations of the company’s longevity and reach.

Aline Lin, Creative Director at Astriata, believes that the website should inspire trust in these systems. She commented, “An important aspect of communicating reliability and trust is having an intuitive and consistent navigation structure and logical content organization. We designed the site to clearly highlight Pevco’s value proposition, placing it above the fold of the page with custom icons.” Astriata implemented the WordPress content management system and customized it to provide the required functionality. The three-month post-launch results are significant:

  • Visitors to the website now spend an average of 70% more time on the site
  • Number of pages per session has increased by 187%
  • Number of users to the site has increased 22%
  • Bounce rates have improved by 95%

“Astriata managed to take a subject that most people don’t think about – the pneumatic tube systems that transport materials throughout hospitals – and create a website that translates complex technology into easily understood benefits,” said Steve Dahl, Executive Vice President of Pevco. “Our ultimate goal is helping clinicians provide the best patient care, and Astriata found creative ways to communicate our goal while also showcasing the unique technical benefits of our system.”

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