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Simplify Math Relaunches as Eurekii

Rebrand emphasizes how fun learning can be

Baltimore, MD (February 26, 2021)— Astriata today announced the completion of a comprehensive project for the company formerly known as Simplify Math Enrichment Center. The Center, which offered math tutoring services to students in pre-K to 12th grade, grew exponentially in their first year. As their success and reputation expanded, parents began requesting help in other areas, to include English, social studies, science, foreign language, and even SAT/ACT prep. The company approached Astriata for a rebrand, including a new name, logo, and tagline; print and digital design; and a website redesign with content development/ editing.

Astriata began with in-depth interviews, a survey of the target audience, and other audience research before proposing the name ”eurekii” and the tagline “engage. discover. learn.” This play on the word “eureka,” which is an exclamation of joy when learning something new, accurately captures the whimsical nature of the company’s approach and the founder’s personality. The round sans serif font and lowercase letters further emphasize the fun Eurekii brings to learning, and interactive design elements and upbeat colors enhance the user experience.

Following the rebrand, Astriata implemented WordPress and provided copywriting and editing services to ensure the site looked and functioned as desired. We’ve carried the brand through to their social media profiles and print collateral.

Phyllis Hillwig, founder of Eurekii, is pleased with the project. “Astriata was able to bring what we do with our students every day to life! Eurekii is an engaging, fun place where we find creative ways to connect with students and make learning fun. The new name, logo, and tagline really capture what we are all about.”

For Astriata, the user experience was paramount. Creative Director Aline Lin commented, “This project spoke to me, because I am in Eurekii’s target market! What we loved about it was Phyllis’s energy and desire to make sure Eurekii had a unique brand and presence. Our team balanced the design, human insights, and technology throughout our design-thinking process to create the best user experience possible.”

Now that Eurekii has a new brand and an online presence, our team is ready to help build brand awareness and create a digital marketing sales funnel. Visit the website at


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