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Timely Content and Calls to Action

UX Success: Timely content and calls to action
By Aline Lin   |   April 15, 2021

“Get Started!” “Register Today!” “Buy Now!” 

As consumers, we find that every channel is vying for our attention. Whether it’s direct mail, text alerts, television ads, website ads, or a website, the goal is to get you to take action. This is why you’ll often see active verbs plastered across websites. Everything seems to be urgent. Using calls to action is a staple in marketing on a website, but what if you aren’t getting the conversion rates you had hoped for?

Let’s look beyond the active verbs and evaluate some nuances. One factor to consider is the timing of the content and your call to action. More often than not, I have observed that many sites present their call to action too early in the user’s journey. If that happens, your user simply doesn’t have enough information to decide whether they want to take action or not. For example, there have been sites where I’ve been asked to sign up for an account before I can look at a course or offering. I’m not ready to give my email address to an organization before I can even decide I want to use their services! This is similar to the basic principles of the behavior exchange theory, in which  people weigh the benefits and risks of social relationships. If the risks outweigh the benefits, people will usually end that relationship. In this case, the relationship is with your website. And that’s not a breakup you want to see!

So think about your user’s journey: what information do they need? When do they need it? What will compel them to trust you and act upon the information? Don’t let your website become a pushy salesperson; develop relationships and provide your users with enough information and a compelling reason to take action. You just might see the results you’ve been looking for!

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