5 Digital Trends in 2022

NEW GUIDE: How Alliances and Professional Organizations Can Improve Member Experience and Drive Recruitment Through a Stronger Website Experience

A 2020 report from Wild Apricot found that 68% of organizations had difficulty growing their membership base. Sound familiar?

Your website is your #1 communication tool when attracting new members and engaging with your existing audience. A strong website can elevate your organization and support your growth initiatives.

As an award-winning creative agency, we’ve helped dozens of professional organizations and alliances improve the performance of their website.

In our newest resource, we’re laying out five digital trends that professional organizations and alliances are leveraging to improve their digital experience and build a website that better serves their overarching mission.

Download our latest guide to learn:

  • Why more organizations are embracing the Headless CMS to better connect with their members across multiple digital platforms.
  • How alliances are using third-party integrations to improve their employee experience AND their member experience.
  • When to use storytelling to enhance your message and drive action by emotionally connecting with your audience.
  • The power of personalization to drive member engagement.
  • The hidden costs of a bad website experience.
  • How to use usability testing to up-level your membership recruitment efforts and achieve a higher website ROI.
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