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9 Tips for Networking Success

By Julie Kennon   |   April 21, 2020

“I reached out to an old boss on LinkedIn and he wants to meet.”

“My friend, who’s a recruiter, posted a great article on LinkedIn.”

“You can’t find a job these days without using LinkedIn.”

Have you heard any of these statements, or similar sentiments?

They can panic some of us who have always found jobs through traditional/old-fashioned means: knowing a friend of a friend, or using placement agencies, or calling a headhunter. LinkedIn, it is argued, is the gold standard of networking, and the associated professional success good networking can bring.

And that’s true. LinkedIn brings the power of global networking to your fingertips, allowing you to reach out to recruiters, receive endorsements for your skills, or join career-boosting professional groups with the swipe of a few keys. Harnessing its power and strategically plotting your networking efforts are guaranteed to enrich your professional life, even if you’re not looking for a job.

So what are the basic best practices for using LinkedIn? Here are some ideas for both individuals and companies:

When you’re ready to take LinkedIn to the next level, we can talk about creating groups, tagging influencers, and maybe even paying to promote your company or content. Until then, give your foundation a check to see if it’s solid by running through these points. Even tweaking one of them can help your LinkedIn game be a gamechanger.

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